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In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty: A Memoir of a Black American

In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty by Cleve OvertonThis story, told in great, vignettic gulps of time from childhood to adulthood, is a true story, part memoir, part historical commentary—a Black man's voice over seven decades. A World War II veteran, Cleve recounts poignant tales of life in a segregated army and survival in New York City. He has written about his search to find that elusive "Gold Ring," his place on his island and in his less-than-perfect world. It is a commentary on the historical gaps and inaccuracies of an island community and its social issues, of how the author coped with systemic racism and managed to make the system work for him. The author's rage and frustration were channeled into artistic pursuits and writings, bringing this story into the light from a darkened box of oblivion. The niche he found himself in, Staten Island, remains a microcosm of American society, and his experiences will be familiar to many Black American men. His life-lessons offer food for thought for Americans everywhere, Black or White.

In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty: A Memoir of a Black American is available for $16.95, plus $2 S&H from:

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The Doors of Senegal
Les Portes du Sénégal

by Cleve Overton & Jude Andreasen

In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty by Cleve Overton

A full-color photographic book with hundreds of photographs of the hand made doors in Dakar , St. Louis , Thiès and Gorée Island. The book celebrates the ingenuity and imagination of the Senegalese people.

The Doors of Senegal / Les Portes du Sénégal
Available for $16.95, plus $2 S & H (check or money order) from:

Diaspora Voices Press
3301 9 th Street, NE
Washington , DC 20017

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Creative Recycling: Handmande in Africa
by Jude Andreasen & Cleve Overton

Creative RecyclingThis photographic book documents a delightful collection of handmade miniature vehicles, boats and planes made from discarded and recycled material in Africa and purchased in at least 20 different countries between 1985 and 2003. They range from rudimentary to amazingly sophisticated. The collection has educational, cultural and environmental aspects. The book has 80 full-color pages of model cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes and boats, all made from bits of tin, wire, cloth, wood, plastic and rubber. It is a testament to the imagination and ingenuity of African children and craftsmen, and a delightful addition to the body of publications on global folk art.

Author and collector Jude Andreasen spent eight years working and living in African countries. Photographer Cleve Overton has traveled the continent with Ms. Andreasen from the Cape to Cairo.


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